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Chinese Medicine Help Kidney Failure Patients Avoid Dialysis Completely

2016-01-06 09:04

Chinese Medicine Help Kidney Failure Patients Avoid Dialysis CompletelyA patient with kidney failure is on dialysis and she also suffers from a series of complications like nausea, vomiting, swelling and poor appetite, etc. In order to seek further treatment, she decides to come to our hospital for Chinese medicine treatments.

Conditions before the treatment

Hemoglobin 100g/L, urine glucose 2+, urine protein 4+, occult blood 2+, serum creatinine level 966umol/L, blood albumin 16.8 g/L and 24-hour urinary protein quantity 6.14g. Besides, she also experienced hypoproteinemia, massive proteinuria, hyperlipemia, low immunity, bad mood, poor appetite, poor sleep quality and bad heart function.

Treatments in our hospital

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy two times a day and each time lasts for 50min. Medicated bath therapy 2 times a day. Enema therapy 2 times a day. Mai Kang Mixture 3 times a day and each time is 50ml. Oral Chinese medicine 3 times a day. Moxibustion therapy. These therapies combine together to repair injured kidney tissues and improve kidney function through dilating blood vessels, preventing inflammation and coagulation, promoting the self-healing ability of injured kidney cells and providing nutrients for damaged kidney tissues.

Conditions after the treatment

After 3 weeks of treatment, her overall health condition is improved greatly. She can enjoy her food and have a good sleep. Her protein in urine and edema disappear. Also her kidney function is improved in some degree. Serum creatinine level 966umol/L is reduced to 307umol/L. Her dialysis times is reduced to 2 times a week from 3 times a week. Now she has avoided dialysis completely.

She is really shocked by the magic effect of Chinese medicines. She will introduce more kidney disease friends to accept our Chinese medicine treatment.

If you also want to avoid dialysis, you can send an email to kidneycares@hotmail.com. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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