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What Is The Alternative For Dialysis

2015-08-11 14:55

What Is The Alternative For DialysisWhat is the alternative for dialysis? Dialysis is a life-saving treatment and as of now it is the most commonly used medical methods for kidney failure patients. But in fact, many kidney failure patients are not willing to begin dialysis due to the adverse effects and torturous feeling caused by dialysis. In this condition, many patients are looking for an alternatives that can improve kidney function and help them get rid of dialysis.

Is there any alternative for dialysis?

Yes. The goal of alternative for dialysis should reverse kidney damage. As long as the kidneys work to filter the waste products and excess water from the blood again, dialysis frequency will be reduced or even be eliminated.

After many years of clinical experiment, experts in China create a new developed herbal remedy called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This therapy is an external application, which avoids the bitter taste of herbal decoction. Also with the help of osmosis device, it can help the herbal ingredients permeate into the damaged kidneys through skin. Thus, it takes effects to your injured kidneys than traditional Chinese medicines.

How does Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy take effect?

This therapy works through repairing injured kidney intrinsic cells. Kidney works through different kidney tissues like glomerulus and renal tubule. When they are damaged for some reason, kidney function declines and we will suffer from different symptoms or discomforts. The active ingredients in Chinese medicines can activate damaged kidney cells to help them work again. In this way, kidney function can be improved greatly. When kidney function is improved to a certain level, it is possible for kidney failure patients to live without dialysis.

Micro-Chiense Medicine Osmotherapy supplies more than 150 herbal formula plans. If you have interested in this therapy, you can leave us a message below or consult our online doctor directly. We are glad to send you the detailed information.

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