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What Is The Most Effective Treatment To Kidney Failure

2015-04-06 06:45

What Is The Most Effective Treatment To Kidney FailureHow is kidney failure treated? Treatment options vary widely and depend on the cause of kidney failure, but the most effective treatment for kidney failure is Chinese medicine treatment.

In Shi Jiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, “Four One Therapy” is an effective treatment to kidney failure. In this therapy, it is a systematic therapy and combines Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath, An oral Chinese medicine with Mai Kang Mixture together. Each of them has its own function. Please see it as below:

An oral Chinese medicine

Oral Chinese medicine aims to invigorate blood and dissolve stasis in order to treat various inflammation and toxic stasis. Practices have proven the good efficacy.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is also called Hot Compress Therapy. This is a new one which is innovated by our kidney disease experts based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It has no side effects to patients and does no harms. What is more important, the active ingredients in Chinese medicine help repair kidney damage and improve renal function naturally and effectively. With increased renal function, symptoms like itchy skin, poor appetite, high blood pressure and hematuria can also be alleviated.

Mai kang mixture

This medicine helps to reduce blood fat, anti-thrombosis, anti-aging, improve blood rheology indexes, enhance immunity, promote the synthesis of serum proteins and nucleic acids, anti-inflammation and so on.

Foot bath therapy

Foot bath therapy helps stimulate original qi in kidney meridian and eliminate toxic pathogenic factors in kidney meridian by immersing feet into the medicinal decoction, which can act on yongquan acupoint (KI 1) and taixi acupoint (KI 3). Foot bath therapy can make original qi in kidney meridian of foot shaoyin sufficient and flow smoothly to come to kidney. In this way, the original qi in kidney can be restored.

Kidney failure is a serious disease and its treatment requires a systematic treatment. The systematic treatment for kidney failure is “Four One Chinese Medicine Treatment”. The therapeutic effect is better. If you have any doubt, you can leave a message below or mail to kidneycares@hotmail.com. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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