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Can You Help Me Avoid Kidney Transplantation

2015-03-07 09:16

Can You Help Me Avoid Kidney TransplantationIn most hospitals, the way for kidney failure is kidney transplantation. However, many patients do not want kidney transplant. Well, what is the solution for renal failure instead of renal transplantation?

Any kind of kidney disease is a special blood disease, so the treatment for kidney disease should clear out the toxins and meanwhile purify the blood. This is because our kidneys can remove metabolic wastes in blood, thus if kidneys fail to work, those wastes will accumulate in blood. Then wastes will flow along with blood arriving at the other body organs and damaging other body organs.

If we can clear out the toxins and pure blood as well as repair damaged kidney cells, enhance renal function, you will avoid kidney transplant. However, if those toxins and wastes still accumulate in your blood, kidney transplant is also useless to save your life.

In our hospital, we use traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to treat kidney disease. The aim of TCM therapy is to repair damaged kidney cells and rescue patient’s own kidney. After a period of treatment, your renal function will get recovered and improved greatly.

Our therapy includes two steps. One step is to clear out metabolic wastes accumulating in blood and purify the blood. The second step is to renovate your own kidney and control idiopathies. The specific methods we use are various, like hot compress therapy, Medicated bath, Circle Therapy and Mai Kang mixture, etc. These methods are all based on traditional Chinese medicine. Compared with western medicines, Chinese medicines are more radical and effective for kidney disease. Patients under the action of Chinese medicine treatments have a higher chance to get rid of kidney transplant.

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