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Benefits of Massage to Chronic Renal Failure

2015-02-18 00:54

Benefits of Massage to Chronic Renal FailureMassage is very health-beneficial and by acting on certain acupoints and body parts, immune system can be strengthened greatly. Chronic renal failure patients are also suggested to have massage in some cases. Well, what are the benefits of massage to chronic renal failure?

First of all, massage calms the nervous system and promotes a sense of relaxation and well being. Chronic renal failure is life-shortening and for this reason, patients may feel nervous, anxiety and wonder how long they can life, especially when they need to start dialysis. This emotional stress not only affects their life quality, but also impairs immune system and thus increases their risk for cold and infection which are leading two factors that worsen kidney condition severely. By having proper massage regularly help to relax nervous tension and anxiety, which is very good for chronic renal failure patients.

Secondly, massage increase quality of nigh sleep. A good night sleep is the basic of a great day life. For chronic renal failure patients, although they are not allowed to live as freely as they did before, they should cherish their life and live as the best as they can. Massage helps to increase life quality by increasing quality of night sleep.

Thirdly, massage improves blood circulation, which delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Kidneys filter blood and removes wastes out of the body. However, in Chronic Renal Failure, kidneys can not do this job any more, as a result, blood stasis are formed easily, which may affect blood circulation. Receiving massage regularly helps to prevent this problem.

Fourthly, massage also helps to alleviate muscle spasm which is caused easily when kidneys are severely damaged.

All in all, massage benefits Chronic Renal Failure patients in many ways, but for some patients, they are not suggested to have massage. If you want to know if massage is right for you or what kind of massage you can receive, please ask online doctor for help.

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