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Kidney Failure Treatment: Dialysis VS Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

2015-01-30 07:55

Kidney Failure Treatment: Dialysis VS Micro-Chinese Medicine OsmotherapyMost patients in the late stage of kidney failure have no choice but to follow dialysis to maintain their illness conditions. But how about the therapeutic effect is? Aside from maintaining illness conditions, what harms will dialysis give us? Expect for dialysis, is there any remedy to relieve the medical condition?

Many patients deem that dialysis is the only way out for kidney function damage or kidney failure. It gives them time to wait for kidney transplant. But the reality is the opposite: dialysis only sustains illness condition and discharge toxic substances from the body timely but cannot treat damaged kidney function from the root cause timely and effectively. Dialysis can not relieve conditions and treat kidney failure radically.

By contrast, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy treats kidney failure from the root cause. On the basis of Chinese medicine, it makes the active ingredients of Chinese medicines come to kidney lesion directly with the action of osmosis device and osmosis penetrant so as to relieve symptoms fundamentally.

From the above, we can know dialysis is a sheer waste of energy and money. And dialysis itself has limitation and dangerousness. Preparation before and after dialysis and nursing care of dialysis will all cause psychological problems to patients and their family members. They will resist to dialysis. These will affect the treatment process and go against the treatment of kidney failure.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can avoid this problem. This therapy uses the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for the symptomatic approach. Also this therapy method is simple and convenient. Two medicated bags are put on patients’ lower back where the kidneys. The effective materials can be penetrated into kidney lesion with the help of osmosis device and osmosis penetrant. This treatment process not only brings pressure on patients’ psychology but also do no harms on the body. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the best treatment for kidney failure.

We know more and more people will choose Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy instead of dialysis to treat their kidney problems.

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