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How Does Chinese Medicine Treatment Treat Kidney Failure

2015-01-26 07:14

How Does Chinese Medicine Treatment Treat Kidney FailureKidney failure indicates that chronic kidney disease has entered into end stage renal disease (ESRD), and treatment at this time has no time to delay. As for the treatment of kidney failure, it is usually divided into Chinese medicine treatment and western medicine treatment. Western medicine treatment is in the leading position, but Chinese medicine treatment can not be overlooked. The following is the detailed information for this question.

Although the use of western medicine is more and more extensive, broad and profound of Chinese medicine treatment can show great curative effects on symptomatic treatment according to the pathogenesis. Therefore, some patients like Chinese medicine treatment very much. Well, how good Chinese medicine treatment is?

1. comprehensive theory

Chinese medicine is the accumulation of traditional Chinese culture and medical therapies. It also has comprehensive dialectical treatment. Western medicine treatment only treats the symptoms, while Chinese medicine treats both symptoms and root causes. As for kidney failure patients, Chinese medicine treatment is more effective and faster.

2. more accurate of drug use

Different medical condition will be given different Chinese medicine. In terms of drug usage, Chinese medicine is more accurate and dosage is more suitable for patients’ condition. If patients’ kidneys have been severely damaged, accurate drug usage can alleviate symptoms.

3. few side effects

Since Chinese medicines do not contain any chemical component, it can avoid injury of renal toxic chemical substances and has few side effects. In addition, metabolism of kidney failure patients has been badly disturbed, so Chinese medicine treatment can avoid damaging kidneys again and alleviate the sign of kidney function decline.

Though traditional Chinese medicine treatments have many advantages, the technology is backward and Chinese medicine treatment has many disadvantages. For example, it takes a long time for the treatment and the efficacy is not sufficient.

To avoid these disadvantages and maintain the advantages of Chinese medicine for kidney failure, Shi Jiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital created a new therapy-Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Its core technology is to make effective herbs micronized. The aim is to make effective substances released and mixed effectively. Then with the help of osmosis penetrant and osmosis device, active materials can come to the kidney lesions directly. This innovated therapy can avoid renal toxicity of oral taking Chinese medicine and achieve a better curative effect.

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