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Does Milk Thistle Help Treat Kidney Failure

2015-01-13 16:07

Does Milk Thistle Help Treat Kidney FailureDoes milk thistle help treat kidney failure? Numerous herbs may help treat kidney failure. Milk thistle is a herb that may help treat kidney failure. It has been used for thousands of years to treat numerous health problems, including liver problems, elevated cholesterol levels and kidney failure. Well, how does milk thistle help treat renal failure?

Milk thistle helps kidney failure from the following aspects:

1. boost immune function

With strong immune function, kidney disease patients will not be attacked by bacteria and further kidney damage will be stopped. This provides a good environment for kidney restoration.

2. antioxidant property

Milk thistle is an antioxidant that helps your kidneys function better and protects them from the damaging effects of numerous health complications.

3. aid type 2 diabetes

Milk thistle protects against diabetic nephropathy-a complication of diabetes in which the filtering ability of the kidneys is impaired. A study published in the July 2010 Renal Failure, reported that milk thistle increases activity levels of the enzymes catalase and glutathione peroxidase, which protect kidney cells.

Milk thistle indeed helps treat kidney failure. If you use this herb improperly or take overdose of it, it will produce side effects, which include allergic reactions, upset stomachs and further kidney damage. Thus, discuss this herb with your doctor or our online to decide whether milk thistle might be helpful for you. Our expert will tell you whether you can use this herb or not according to your own medical conditions. Hope you a quick recovery.

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