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How To Discharge Body Toxins In Kidney Failure

2014-12-20 03:04

How To Discharge Body Toxins In Kidney FailureThe important function of kidneys is to eliminate nitrous acid products, excrete toxins in lymph, blood and tissues, balance acid-base, as well as maintain stable internal environment. However, when kidneys are damaged, the above functions will be affected. Toxic accumulation in the body is one of the complications of kidney damage. If left untreated, kidney failure will occur. Well, how to discharge body toxins to prevent kidney failure?

1. drink more water

toxic accumulation can gather together to form kidney stone. In this condition, you can drink some water. Water becomes one part of blood flow and this can eliminate wastes and cleanse the kidneys as well as discharge the toxins of kidneys. If you drink fresh water every day, it can regulate the temperature, lubricate muscles and joints, promote digestion and then expel wastes from kidneys and your whole body.

2. vegetable intake

Kidneys are important organs to discharge toxins. They filter blood toxins and wastes of protein break-down. And then toxins and wastes can be removed through urine. Cucumber and cherry as well as other vegetables or fruits are beneficial for discharging toxins from the kidneys. The diuretic properties of cucumber can clean the urethra and help the kidneys remove toxins in urinary tract system. Cherry is a natural and valuable medicine, which contributes to discharging toxic substances from the kidneys. Besides, cherry can also relax the bowels.

3. vitamin B6

vitamin B6 can control the production of oxalate and has the function of eliminating wastes. Vitamin B6 can be found in whole wheat bread, cereals, nuts, tomatoes, poultry and liver.

4. less protein intake

Too much protein intake will increase the acidity of urine and also increase the coefficient of purine in urine. This is likely to cause the formation of kidney stone in urinary tract system. However, some people intake too much protein but do not eat staple food, causing inadequate calories. At this time, the body will use protein to generate calories. It is wasteful and also burdens the kidneys. Serum creatinine and uric acid will both rise.

The above are natural remedies for removing toxins from the kidneys. This can stop further kidney damage and delay the progression into kidney failure. What’s more, if you combine Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy with the above tips, the therapeutic effects will be much better. More importantly, damaged kidneys can be repaired to some extent and renal function will be improved to a large degree.

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