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What Is the Best Treatment When Both Kidneys Fail

2014-11-10 01:53

What Is the Best Treatment When Both Kidneys FailKidney plays a very important role for our life and we can not live at all without healthy kidney, so when kidneys fail, we need to take medical treatment as soon as possible to rescue our kidneys and sustain our life. Well, what is the best treatment when both kidneys fail?

The earlier that patients take treatment, the better the treatment effects and also the easier that illness is brought under control. That is the reason why we always put emphasis on early time. For people with kidney failure, both their kidneys are damaged severely, under such a condition, just life expectancy can not be guaranteed just by treating symptoms like high blood pressure, proteinuria, electrolyte disturbance, swelling and anemia. Under such a condition, to live better and longer, the following measures are needed:

1. Tight control of all the symptoms

Although failed kidneys can not be repaired just by treating symptoms of kidney failure, but tight control of them is very necessary, because many of them like high blood pressure and proteinuria can cause further damages on kidney. (Different medicines are prescribed to deal with these symptoms in different cases. As a kidney failure patient, you should be clear about what medicines to take. If you do not know about it, you can ask our online doctor for help)

2. Find the real cause of your kidney damages and then remove it

Kidney failure refers to the worst kidney condition which can be caused in different conditions like persistent high blood sugar, persistent high blood pressure and inflammation in kidney. You need to find out the real cause of your kidney damages and then remove it. Only in this way, can further kidney damages be avoided fundamentally and permanently.

3. Repair injured kidney tissues to strengthen kidney

Kidney works through different kidney tissues. When most of them lose their working ability, kidney failure is caused. For the necrotic kidney tissues, they can not be brought back to life and there is nothing we can do to help them. However, for the injured kidney tissues, although they lost their working ability, they are alive. By repairing these injured kidney tissues, kidney function can be improved greatly. You can take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to repair injured kidney tissues and increase kidney function.

4. A kidney-friendly diet also contributes to the recovery of kidney condition

Although injured kidney tissues can not be repaired by some foods, but improper diet will worsen kidney condition. To protect residual kidney tissues and residual kidney function, we must be clear about what foods we can eat and what foods we should avoided. If you are still not clear about daily diet, you can leave message to kidneycares@hotmail.com to get detailed information.

Lastly, the best treatment for an individual with kidney failure should be able to improve kidney function and meanwhile bring all the discomforts associated with kidney damages under control. If you have any questions about the treatment method, please feel free to contact us by leaving us message below.

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