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What Is the Difference Between Western Medicine And Chinese Medicine On Renal Failure

2014-11-02 02:27

What Is the Difference Between Western Medicine And Chinese Medicine On Renal FailureWhat is the difference between western medicines and Chinese medicine in treating kidney failure or renal failure? Today I want to talk of something about Chinese medicine and western medicine on kidney failure. I hope kidney failure patients can get the best treatment for their disease.

Western medicine

Western medicine is good at inhibiting the progress of health problem, but this is a kind of treatment that intervenes your health problem exteriorly. Western medicine’s advantage is that it has obvious effect in treating kidney disease, but it will cause many side effects if the process of treatment is not well controlled, like the use of hormone medicines, dialysis and kidney transplant. They can take obvious effect in a short time, while they can not help improve patients’ internal kidney function. It is also to say that the advantage of these methods is that it is effective in slowing down the progress of kidney disease. As you know, chronic kidney disease has no cure so far.

Chinese medicine

However, Chinese medicine treats disease by systemically regulating patient’s body function, and its aim is not only to control the progress of disease, but also to improve kidney function by regulating patients’ overall bodily functions and unchoking the circulation of our blood and Qi . That is why lots of patients who have been recommended to take dialysis in western countries do not need to take dialysis any more after our treatment. Our treatment can improve renal function if his condition is not too late to treat.

Systemic treatment

Our systemic treatment combines Chinese medicines and western medicines together. On one hand, it can stop the aggravation of patients’ condition effectively by western medicine technology. On the other hand, we can improve kidney function to a large extent. This is our advantage, and that is why many patients come to our hospital for return visit. Some foreign patients have come for our treatment for several times, because they can not get effective treatment to enhance their renal function in their locality and western medicines.

If you do not want dialysis to destroy your life quality when your condition is not too late to improve, you should have a try of our treatment in China.

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