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What Chinese Medicine Therapies Can Treat Kidney Failure

2014-10-15 02:47

What Chinese Medicine Therapies Can Treat Kidney FailureWhat Chinese medicine therapies can be used to treat kidney failure? There are many medications used for renal failure. In the field of western medicines, there are many medications which are for serum creatinine and proteinuria, such as ketosteril, activated charcoal and niao duqing, etc. However, these medications can not restore damaged kidneys. Besides, if you take these medications for a long time, it will make the residual kidney function lost gradually. Finally, uremia will occur. Therefore, doctor recommends that patients should choose Chinese medicine therapies for kidney failure.

The following will introduce you several Chinese medicine treatment in a detailed way:

1. Retention enema

By way of retention enema, toxins are stopped and cannot come to the kidneys. This therapy can make toxins expelled from the body through speeding up toxins going through intestinal tract. In this way, extracellular matrix decreases and the filtering ability of glomerular is restored to some extent. More importantly, kidney function can be improved effectively. Retention enema is applied for acute and chronic kidney failure, and high creatinine level.

2. Full medicated bath

Diuretics has no efficacy in swelling and oliguria. In addition, patients cannot undergo dialysis and dialysis patients have itchy skin problem. In this condition, full medicated bath is suggested. The active ingredients have functions of promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, connect channels, increase blood flow in kidneys to achieve the purpose of diuresis and sweating. Full medicated bath is able to alleviate swelling obviously.

3. Hot compress therapy

The main ingredients in this therapy is Chinese herbs and two medicated bags are put under the patient’s lower back where the kidneys are. It is an external application and patients just need to lie on the bed to take this therapy. This therapy is able to speed up micro-circulation in kidney cells, activate necrotic renal cells, decrease serum creatinine level and urea nitrogen level.

4. Characteristic Chinese Medicine treatment

Characteristic Chinese Medicine Treatment for kidney failure stems mainly from the combination of Chinese medicine and the most modern technology. In this way, Chinese medicine efficacy can come to the maximum. After Chinese medicine come to the kidney lesions, impaired kidneys can get repaired, extracellular matrix can be degraded and renal fibrosis can be stopped. Gradually the whole renal function can be improved.

Although many medications can be used to cure renal failure, systematic and specified therapy can not be neglected. If you have more doubts on kidney failure medication, you can consult our online doctors freely.

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