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Traditional Chinese Medicine Enema Therapy For Kidney Failure

2014-10-10 08:13

Traditional Chinese Medicine Enema Therapy For Kidney FailureChinese Medicine Enema Therapy is mainly used in the early and mid-term treatment of chronic renal insufficiency. Its theory takes advantage of colonic wall which is most like semipermeable membrane. This can make substances with nitrogen and fluid in colon spread to clysis fluid. Therefore, when clysis fluid and stool are discharged, it can remove large amounts of liquid and waste substances so that serum urea nitrogen and serum creatinine will be lowered and relieve the clinical symptoms in chronic renal failure patients.

The main ingredient in Traditional Chinese Medicine Edema Therapy is Chinese rhubarb. Chinese rhubarb has functions of clearing away heat and toxic materials and diarrhea, which is helpful for eliminating toxins in the intestines.

During the process of enema therapy, you should notice that the clysis fluid should not be too cold or too hot. The temperature of clysis fluid should be close your body temperature. The optimum temperature is about 37℃~38℃ so as not to induce severe abdominal pain due to the stimulus of cold and hot, which may affect the therapeutic effect. The dosage of clysis fluid should be controlled at 150-200ml. When enema therapy begins, enema tube should be inserted into anus to 15-20 cm. The action should be gentle to avoid hurting intestinal mucosa. After enema, patients should lie on the side and keep clysis fluid in 1-2 hours. Then, clysis fluid is expelled. High retention enema should be done 1-2 times per day. Defecation times should be 3-4 times per day.

After enema therapy, patients can get short-term effects including no ammonia tastes in the mouth, skin itchy relieve, improved appetite, relief of anemia and increased urine. All contribute to the treatment of kidney failure.

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