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How to Increase Hemoglobin Level 8.8 for Kidney Failure Patients

2014-09-11 07:59

How to Increase Hemoglobin Level 8.8 for Kidney Failure PatientsHemoglobin is a component of red blood cells which is responsible for transporting oxygen to cells. When hemoglobin level is lower than the normal level, it is prone for you to have shortness of breath, fatigue and so on. Kidney failure patients often have low hemoglobin level. How to increase hemoglobin level 8.8 for kidney failure patients?

Hemoglobin level is closely related with kidney function.

The normal hemoglobin level ranges from 13 to 18 g/dL for adult males and 11.5-16.5 g/dL for adult female without pregnancy. If kidney failure is in advanced stage, your kidneys produce smaller amounts of erythropoietin, the hormone that activates the bone marrows to produce red blood cells. Besides, the accumulated waste in the blood shortens the lifespan of red blood cells. As a result, the total number of red blood cells decrease and then hemoglobin level also declines.

How to increase hemoglobin level 8.8 for kidney failure patients?

The direct way to increase hemoglobin level is to inject EPO or take iron supplement. Besides, diet high in iron, vitamin B6, vitamin B9 and vitamin C can also help you increase hemoglobin level to certain extent.

However, that is not enough. Only when we improve kidney function can we solve the problem from the root. Now let’s see how to improve kidney function.

After years of research, we find a systemic treatment for kidney failure patients, namely Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath, Mai Kang and Medicated Soup. The first two are external therapies and the last two are oral Chinese medicine. They can draw out toxins from the body and they can also eliminate the inflammatory factors to prevent further damage to the kidneys. Moreover, they can supple the injured cells with essential elements like vitamins and amino acids to speed up their recovery.

With systemic treatment, you will find that shortness of breath, cold limbs and fatigue and some other symptoms associated with low hemoglobin level disappear. And your kidney function function will also have an improvement. With the help of online doctor, you can learn more information.

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