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Herb Medicines For Kidney Failure And Diabetes

2014-05-31 07:03

Herb Medicines For Kidney Failure And DiabetesHerb medicines are from natural plants or herbs, and there are almost no side effects with herb medicines. In recent years, herb medicines are also widely used in treating kidney failure and diabetes. Here we will introduce some effective herb medicines for you.

The below herb medicines are widely used in kidney failure and diabetes:

Cinnamon, Bitter melon, Hawthorn, Astragalus membranaceus.

Effects of herb medicines on kidney failure and diabetes.

1. Control high blood sugar

2. Reduce high cholesterol level

3. Promote blood circulation

4. Expand blood vessels

5. Prevent kidney inflammation

6. Repair kidney damage

7. Alleviate headache, nausea, sleeping problems

8. Prevent heart disease or cardiovascular problems.

Thus, we can know that herb medicines can be effective to treat kidney failure by recovering kidney function and treat diabetes by controlling high blood sugar. Patients with kidney failure and diabetes can have a try of these herb medicines in daily life. However, you must consult doctors before taking it. The amount of medicines depends on specific conditions of patients.

Apart from herb medicines, they also need to pay attention to diet and lifestyle in daily life. Low salt, low phosphorus, low potassium, low salt or sodium are necessary. Otherwise, conditions can be worsened. Taking regular exercise can be very beneficial for patients with kidney failure and diabetes, enhancing immunity and lowering high blood pressure.

The above suggestions can be very beneficial, and should be followed strictly. If you want to know more information or have some question about kidney failure or diabetes, you are very welcome to contact us freely any time. It is great pleasure that we can help you solve problems. Leave a message, talk with our online doctors or email us is all convenient for you.

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