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How To Improve Kidney Function With Chronic Kidney Failure

2014-04-01 14:20

How To Improve Kidney Function With Chronic Kidney FailureKidneys are important organs in our human body. They play an important role in producing urine, excreting metabolic wastes and toxins, keeping balance of water, electrolytes as well as acid-base, etc. Chronic kidney failure is triggered by various kidney disease, thus leading to declined kidney function, endocrine disorder and increased toxins. If there is no timely treatment to improve kidney function, it is more likely to develop into uremia. Well how do chronic kidney failure patients to improve kidney function?

Firstly, a proper diet is the fundamental and most effective therapy to improve kidney function. How does kidney function can be improved through diet? The diet plan varies from person to person. If you have any doubt, you can consult our online experts.

1. Low but high quality protein intake

Protein restriction is able to block or slow down the progression of chronic renal failure. Chronic kidney failure patients need to consume some high quality protein foods, such as egg white, milk, lean meat and fish, etc. Whereas, you should avoid animal protein.

2. Supplement enough calories

Enough calories help reduce protein breakdown. Patients should consume 35kilo per kilo of weight. Calories mainly come from sugar and fat. Or you can eat some high calorie foods such as starch and potato yam, etc.

3. Proper salt, sodium, potassium and phosphorus intake

If patients show obvious sign of swelling and high blood pressure, they must limit salt intake. In severe cases, no salt diet should be followed. For high potassium patients, low potassium diet is also necessary and foods with high potassium level such as bananas, oranges, fungus and so on should be kept far away. With declined kidney function, phosphorus level in the blood will be elevated which will lead to further declined kidney function. Thereby, phosphorus limitation is able to enhance kidney function.

4. Take vitamin

Vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin D helps regulate body’s metabolism and improve resistance to diseases.

Apart from diet modification, treatment is also indispensable. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has made good therapeutic effects on treating chronic kidney disease. It can regulate the inner body organ, dilate blood vessels and improve the renal ischemia and hypoxia, restore injured kidney intrinsic cells as well as improve kidney function.

Renal failure patients can curb the development of kidney disease and improve kidney function trough diet and treatment, etc. At the same time, proper exercise and optimistic mood also can stimulate kidney function.

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