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Can A Damaged Kidney Repair Itself

2014-04-01 10:14

Can A Damaged Kidney Repair ItselfThough damaged and diseased, the human kidney can repair itself if the affected person has proper diet and treatment and exercise. As long as patients obey the following principles, their kidneys can repair itself over time.

1. Healthy diet basics


Your body get energy from the calories you eat and drink. Calories can be found in protein, carbohydrates and fat in your diet. As specific medical condition, some people will need to limit the calories they eat, while others may need to eat more calories. Thus, you should work with your doctor or experts online to get the right amount of calories.


The amount of protein intake should depend on your body size, activity level and health concerns. Some doctors may suggests that kidney disease patients should limit protein or change the source of protein. A high protein intake may workload your kidneys and cause more damages.


You need some fat in your meal plan, which is because fat gives you energy and helps you use some of the vitamins in your food. However, too much gat can lead to weight gain and heart diseases. Patients with kidney disease need to consume unsaturated fat, like olive oil and vegetable oils. Unsaturated fat helps reduce high cholesterol. On the contrary, saturated fat can raise you cholesterol level and put you at a risk for heart disease.


High sodium intake can make you thirsty, which can lead to swelling and high blood pressure. This can damage your kidneys more and make your heart work harder. You should avoid processed meat, like ham, bacon, sausage and lunch meat, avoid canned soups and frozen dinners that are high in sodium.

2. Effective treatment-Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

The root problems of kidney disease is that the kidneys are damaged. In this case, to repair kidney damage is the key point in improving kidney repair itself. Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy aims to repair damaged kidney tissues through dilating blood vessels, providing enough blood and oxygen for kidneys, regenerating the DNA replication as well as restoring injured but not necrotic intrinsic cells. After these remedies, kidney function can be recovered gradually and it is helpful for kidney to repair itself.

3. Exercise

Some patients assume that exercise will do harms for their conditions. It is not true. Proper exercise is beneficial for patients body health and is able to boost your immunity to fight against the attack of bacteria. For kidney disease patients, running, jogging and swimming is good for their health condition.

We mainly talk about how a damaged kidney repairs itself in this article. If you have any doubt, you can leave your message or phone number to kidneycares@hotmai.com,and we will reply you in a short time.

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