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Kidney Failure Yoga, A Natural Therapy for Kidney Failure

2014-03-16 16:59

Kidney Failure Yoga, A Natural Therapy for Kidney FailureHere we will introduce kidney failure yoga. Yoga derives from India with a history of 5000 years. It has good effects on treating diseases including kidney failure.

There are four major actions for kidney failure yoga, as following:

Cobra pose.

Patients with kidney failure lie on the ground with hands putting down the floor. Then inhale with spine forwards, elevate chest. In this process, patients with kidney failure should take care that legs are parallel. This move can contribute to promotion of kidney function.

Camel pose.

Patients with kidney failure need to kneel on the ground with spine expanding, chest opening, and reach hands to feet. This move can promote blood circulation. Making kidney have more blood inflow.

Lifting legs.

Patients with kidney failure need to lie down, and inhale with legs rising about 30, 60 and 90 degrees. This move should last for ten seconds. In this way, digestive problems can be alleviated.


Patients with kidney failure should have a breath like following: inhale from left nostril and exhale from right nostril, then in turn do it again. This move also can promote blood circulation, helping kidney function.

These four postures are very convenient for patients with kidney failure to do in daily life. Besides, it is proved that kidney failure yoga i really beneficial for patients with kidney failure. If patients with kidney failure can keep this yoga on for a long time, metabolism of body can be promoted, blood circulation can be improved and kidney function can be alleviated. Besides, yoga can help repair kidney damage. What is more, patients with kidney failure can have a good and peaceful mentality.

It is a wise choice that patients with kidney failure treat kidney disease naturally. If you want to know more about kidney failure yoga, you can leave us a message and we will give you a satisfied reply.

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