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How to Lower Creatinine Level in Kidney Failure

2014-03-09 15:04

How to Lower Creatinine Level in Kidney FailureFor patients with kidney failure, creatinine level is always higher than normal volume. The more severe kidney function is, the higher creatinine level is. In clinic, creatinine level describes how seriously kidney function declines. Patients with kidney failure want to know how to lower creatinine level. After research and analysis, we make a specific conclusion, which is the below:

How does kidney failure cause high creatinine level?

In the first place, understand how it occurs.

The main function of kidney is to remove wastes and toxins from body through urine. Due to kidney failure, kidney function decreases. Thus, wastes can’t be cleared away from body. Creatinine means a kind of wastes which is produced during muscle metabolism. So creatinine will build up in body, leading to high creatinine level.

How to lower creatinine level?

Patients with kidney failure should make creatinine low from the following points:

1. A healthy diet

It is important that patients with kidney failure should have a healthy diet.

- low protein diet. Research indicates that creatinine is usually rich in much protein food like pork and chicken. Thus, patients with kidney failure should have low intake of protein. Nevertheless, they are allowed to have more high quality protein. Because high quality protein contains essential amino acid and produce very few wastes when decomposed.

- low intake of salt. Kidney failure can lead to elevation of blood pressure. In turn, high blood pressure can has bad effects on kidney function. Salt is the direct factor to cause high blood pressure. Eating much salt makes pressure in the blood elevate.

2. Chinese medicines treatment

After seeing the cause of creatinine level in kidney failure, we can know that decreased kidney function is the fundamental factor. Then is there effective treatment for kidney function? Yes, Chinese medicines treatment is widely used to increase kidney function.

Now have a look at how Chinese medicines work on kidney function.

There are two major properties in Chinese medicines.

-Repair kidney damage.

Chinese medicines promote blood circulation to eliminate blood stasis. And microcirculatory disturbance can be improved, helping kidney metabolism. In this way, kidney gets more blood and oxygen, which contributes to restoration of kidney damage.

-Recover kidney function

Ingredients in Chinese medicines have good effects on automatic regulated function of kidney cells, promoting recovery of kidney function.

Moreover, Chinese medicines have nearly no side effects on patients with kidney failure.

Compared with Western medicine, it takes a long time that Chinese medicines treat kidney failure effectively. But Chinese focus on fundamental treatment of kidney failure. Thus, creatinine level can be lowered down largely. Patients with kidney failure are worth a try to treat high creatinine level in kidney failure.-*

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