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Up to Date Treatment for Kidney Failure, You Can’t Miss It

2014-03-05 14:22

Up to Date Treatment for Kidney Failure, You Can’t Miss ItHere we will make a very specific introduction about up to date treatment for kidney failure. According to research, this treatment called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. achieves very effective results for patients with kidney failure. For patients with kidney failure, kidney damage and declined kidney function are the fundamental problems. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy just right treats kidney failure from these two aspects. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is divided into three procedure. Now please see the below.

1. Treatment for inflammatory injury in kidney.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can dilate all the renal arteries and sweep away microcirculation disturbance very effectively, improving symptoms of anoxia and anemia. And it can prevent inflammatory reaction from happening and restore autonomic regulation of inherent cells in kidney, making disease stop further development..

After this procedure, patients with kidney failure will get the following results:

- proteinuria declines.

- blood in the urine decreases.

- swelling disappears

- blood pressure return to normal.

2. Treatment for tissues and cells damage in kidney.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy focus on inactivating and eliminating Inflammatory mediators and renal toxicity factors. In this way, the root of kidney failure is blocked. It will make Vascular spasm and stenosis get right, keeping diastole and contraction of blood vessels balanced. Thus, blood vessels are expanded and microcirculatory disturbance is improved. In this situation, blood can flow very fluently, helping lower blood pressure and supply blood for kidney.

After procedure 2, many good signs shows up.

- level of acid-base is balanced.

- creatinine and BUN decrease.

- nausea and vomiting disappear

- high blood pressure is under control.

3. Treatment for recovery of kidney function.

Finally, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy concentrates on damaged kidney tissues. Muscle fibroblast apoptosis and immune complex in kidney are removed away. Kidney damage is repaired by ingredients in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. And kidney function get recovered little by little.

After this treatment , patients with kidney failure get the following effects:

- urine increases.

- electrolyte disturbance and hyperuricemia get improved.

- congestive heart failure disappears.

- all the viscera failure disappears gradually.

- blood pressure returns to normal.step by step.

In this way, for patients with kidney failure, kidney damage is repaired and kidney function is recovered. Although it takes a long time to attain the goal, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can make kidney function increase and make patients with kidney failure avoid dialysis.

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