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Treatment for Kidney Failure with Kidney Shrinkage

2014-01-16 11:59

Kidney failure is a disorder in which kidneys fail to function adequately.Kidney shrinkage is a common sign of kidney failure. The treatment for kidney failure with kidney shrinkage will be introduced here.

Kidney Failure with kidney shrinkage

Nephrons are the basic functional units of kidney which include renal tubule and renal corpuscle. Each kidney is composed of one million nephrons.In right condition,the blood with waste products flows through nephrons.On one hand,the blood can carry necessary nutrients and oxygen to the nephrons.On the other hand,the waste products and extra fluid will be eliminated from body by nephrons.

However,a variety diseases and conditions can affect the nephrons in an adverse way.When less blood is provided to nephrons or the diseases and conditions affect the nephrons directly,the nephrons will become scarred and even necrotic. Hence,kidney shrinkage will result in kidney failure.

When kidneys diminish in size,less blood is filtered by them. Thereby,high levels of waste products will build up in body.

Treatment for kidney failure with kidney shrinkage

The conservative treatment only can control the symptoms of Kidney Failure,which can help slow down renal function decline. However,they can not reverse kidney damage and increase kidney size at all.

To treat kidney failure with kidney shrinkage fundamentally, a treatment should be applied to restore the impaired nephrons and increase blood supply to them.Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is the recommended treatment for the patients.

Firstly,the effective Chinese medicines can dilate blood vessels and remove the waste products and pathogenic factors from blood. Hence, the blood circulation in kidneys will be improved. More blood flows through nephrons, more nutrients and oxygen will be provided to them.

On the other hand, Chinese medicines can activate the self-repairing of the impaired kidney tissues and cells. When the number of healthy nephrons increases, the kidney size will increase.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy can treat kidney failure with kidney shrinkage fundamentally. So the kidneys will function better.

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