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Treatment for Kidney Failure with Decreased Urine Output

2014-01-08 16:55

Healthy kidneys can filter out waste products and extra fluid from body in the form of urine.Every day,certain volume of blood is filtered by kidneys so the urine output also keeps at a constant level. When kidneys fail to function properly, urine output will decrease.What is the treatment for kidney failure with decreased urine output?

Kidney failure with decreased urine output

The kidneys are composed of small blood vessels with tiny holes on them.When the blood flows throughout the body, the waste products will be collected by the blood. When blood flows through kidneys, the waste products and extra fluid will be eliminated from body by kidneys in the form of urine.

However, a variety of diseases and conditions can affect the small blood vessels in kidneys like Diabetes, high blood pressure etc adversely. When the small blood vessels are impaired, the kidneys will fail to function adequately. Less blood will be filtered by kidneys. Hence, urine output will also decline.

Because of the powerful compensatory capacity of kidneys, the patients do not develop any discomforts until renal function becomes halved. When decreased urine output occurs, it implies very severe kidney damage and renal function decline. So it is urgent for kidney failure patients with decreased urine output to seek for an effective treatment immediately.

Treatment for Kidney Failure with decreased urine output

To treat kidney failure with decreased urine output fundamentally, the patients should have a treatment to repair the impaired small blood vessels in kidneys. Hot Compress Therapy is an effective treatment for kidney failure. It can stimulate the repairing and regenerating of the impaired kidney tissues and cells. If the kidney structure can be repaired,renal function will be enhanced remarkably. When kidneys return to function better, decreased urine output in kidney failure will be reversed.

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