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Micro-Chinese Medicines for Kidney Failure with 10% Renal Function

2013-12-07 11:06

When kidneys fail to function, replacement treatments will be prescribed like dialysis and kidney transplant.As the medicine technology develops,new treatment options come into being. How does Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy work to treat kidney failure with 10% renal function?

Kidney Failure with 10% renal function

A person with 10% renal function is in the last stage of kidney failure.As kidneys are damaged severely,high levels of waste products will build up in bloodstream.Multiple body organs and systems are affected so the patients will experience an array of discomforts and complications like nausea and vomiting,fatigue, swelling etc.In this case,Dialysis has been prescribed or will be initiated soon.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy for kidney failure with 10%

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy can treat kidney failure and its associated complications by restoring the impaired kidney tissues and enhancing renal function fundamentally.This therapy functions in the following ways to treat the condition.

Firstly,Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is featured with anti-inflammation and anti-coagulation.It can clear up the inflammatory factors and thrombus from bloodstream.By doing this,it can improve the systemic blood circulation in body and increase blood supply to kidneys.It can create an aerobic and clear internal environment for repairing kidney structure.

Secondly,Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy can stimulate the production of growing factors in body.Hence,it can activate self-healing and self-regenerating of the impaired kidney tissues.When the kidney structure can be restored,the current 10% renal function will be enhanced.If so,no replacement treatment will be required in kidney failure.

If kidney failure patients with 10% renal function have a good response to Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy,the patients will have remarkable improvements.Clinical signs like fatigue, swelling, nausea etc will be relieved. The patients will feel much better.If the patients adhere to treatment,renal function will be improved greatly so dialysis or Kidney Transplant will not be required.

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