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How to Treat Swelling in Legs in Renal Insufficiency

2013-11-25 15:50

Renal insufficiency is a kidney disorder in which the kidneys are not working properly.As kidneys play a number of important functions in body, renal insufficiency can result in a host of symptoms.How to treat swelling in legs in renal insufficiency?

Causes of swelling in legs in renal insufficiency

Swelling in legs is due to buildup of excess fluids in legs.This condition is mainly attributed to two causes.

Kidney damage-Kidneys are a pair of important excretory organs.In right condition,they can function well to remove excess fluids and waste products from body.In renal insufficiency,kidneys are unable to function well.Excess fluid will linger in body,resulting in swelling in legs,feet,ankles and other body parts.

Protein in urine-Protein in urine is another possible cause of swelling in legs.Kidneys are very sophisticated organs in body. They can filter out waste products from body and meanwhile keep useful substances in body.However,when the filters in kidneys are impaired,the useful substances will leak into urine like protein and red blood cells.Proteins have the ability of holding fluid in blood vessels.Leakage of protein into urine can cause fluid to flow into subcutaneous tissue.For gravity,swelling often appears in legs firstly.

How to treat swelling in legs in renal insufficiency?

Proteinuria control

If the swelling is due to proteinuria,effective control of leakage of protein into urine can relieve the condition.The loss of protein in the urine may be relieved by the use of ACE inhibitors and ARB drugs.They are classical drugs to lower high blood pressure, but shows enormous effect in controlling proteinuria.

You can email to kidneycares@hotmail.com  to get more medical suggestions to control proteinuria in renal insufficiency.

Improve renal function

The root cause of both proteinuria and buildup of excess fluids in body is kidney impairment.Therefore,the key treatment goal is to restore the impaired kidney structure and enhance renal function.Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is a good choice for people with renal insufficiency for it can helps repair kidney damage,stimulate the self-healing ability of damaged structure. As long as renal function can be improved,the symptoms of renal insufficiency will be controlled fundamentally.

However,the above are just general treatment suggestions to control swelling in legs in renal insufficiency. You can leave a message below and our expert will give you some personalized suggestions based on your condition.

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