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Natural Remedy for Kidney Failure in Diabetes

2013-11-11 10:26

Natural Remedy for Kidney Failure in DiabetesDiabetes kidney disease is a progressive kidney disorder.If no aggressive treatment is applied,kidney failure will be the final result.A natural remedy is suggested to treat kidney failure in diabetes.

Kidney failure in Diabetes

To find an effective treatment for Kidney Failure in diabetes,it is essential to know why kidneys fail.Each kidney is composed of millions of capillaries with even tinier holes in them act as filters.As blood is filtered by kidneys,small molecular waste products can squeeze through the holes and will be eliminated from body in urine.Meanwhile,the useful substances such as protein and red blood cells are too big to pass through kidneys so they will be preserved in body.

In diabetes,however,high concentration of blood sugar can make the kidneys filter higher amount of blood than before.All the extra work is hard on the filters.Over time,the impaired capillaires will allow useful substances to pass though. Kidneys will fail progressively.

Natural remedy for kidney failure in diabetes

A balanced diet is an important part in natural remedy for kidney failure in diabetes.Protein can increase stress on kidneys.A low-protein diet can decrease protein loss in the urine and increase blood levels in the blood.Additionally,it is important to arrange calorie,sodium,phosphorus,and potassium in the diet.

Some natural herbs play a vital role in managing kidney failure in diabetes.Tripterygium wilfordii,rheum officinale etc can increase the removal of waste products from bloodstream and are tonic to kidneys.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is a recommended natural remedy for kidney failure in diabetes.It is a plant-based therapy in which different types of herbal medicines are applied based on the patients’ specific illness condition.The osmotherapy can activate the self-healing of the impaired kidney tissue and stimulate the regeneration of renal cells and tissues.In this way,the kidney structure will be restored and renal function will be enhanced.

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