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What Are the Causes and Treatments for Kidney Shrinkage

2013-02-24 14:55

causes and treatment for kidney shrinkageKidney shrinkage refers to a condition in which kidneys are smaller in size than the normal kidney. Treatment for kidney shrinkage should base on its causes, so finding out the causes for kidney shrink before the treatment is very necessary.

What can cause kidney shrinkage?

Many conditions can cause kidney shrinkage and the followings are the common causes:

1. Congenital renal agenesis

2. Various kidney problem like Chronic Pyelonephritis, Acute Glomerular Disease, Alport Syndrome and Kidney Failure and so on.

3. For unilateral kidney shrinkage always cause by Nephrotuberculosis.

4. Renal artery stenosis: blood clote block renal artery and inadequate blood is supplied to kidneys.

Kidneys help to produce urine, secret necessary hormone, adjust blood pressure and balance electrolyte and acid-base. When kidney shrinkage occurs, kidney function is affected and kidneys fail to perform these functions. Consequently, various symptoms like high blood pressure, blood urine, anemia and decreased urine output occurs. Many medications can be taken to control these symptoms However, they occur because of kidney shrinkage, so treating kidney shrinkage is the best and most effective method.

What is the treatment for kidney shrinkage in kidney failure?

Immunotherapy combines Chinese medicines and western medicines and as of now it is the most effective method for kidney shrinkage. In Immunotherapy, western medicines are always adopted firstly to help control symptoms as these symptoms worsen kidney condition directly. Through controlling symptoms, we can stop the deterioration of kidney shrinkage temporarily. After that, Chinese medicines will be applied to repair these damaged renal intrinsic cells. In our kidneys, there are different functional cells and they are the major performer of kidney function. For an individual with kidney shrinkage, there are healthy, damaged and necrotic renal cells. For these necrotic renal cells, we can not make them alive again, but for these damaged renal cells, we can active them by increasing their self-repairing ability. As long as these damaged renal cells are repaired, kidney function is improved and also kidney shrinkage are treated effectively.

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