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How Does Kidney Failure Cause Electrolyte Disorder

2015-05-26 18:16

How Does Kidney Failure Cause Electrolyte DisorderAccording to a recent survey, many kidney disease patients and the family members all consult a problem. That is, how does kidney failure cause electrolyte disorder. The following is the introduction of the kidney expert:

1. Hypermagnesemia

When Glomerular Filtration Rate is lower than 20ml/min, since kidney’s ability to discharge magnesium declines, mild hypermagnesemia usually occurs.

2. High potassium level

In kidney failure, residual kidney nephron’s distal tubule increases more potassium and intestinal tract also excretes more potassium. Under such a condition, potassium in blood will elevate.

3. Sodium and fluid disorder

Kidney failure patients often have mild sodium and fluid retention. If they intake excessive sodium and fluid, it will cause fluid overload so as to result in swelling, high blood pressure and heart failure. Swelling is often associated with hyponatremia which is caused by dilutional sodium due to excessive fluid intake.

4. Metabolic acidosis

Metabolic products like phosphoric and sulfuric acids as well as other acidic materials accumulate in the body due to kidney’s excretion impairment. Anion gap becomes larger and blood HCO3 concentration declines, causing metabolic acidosis.

5. Calcium and phosphorus disorder

Serum phosphorus level is regulated by intestinal tract’s absorption to phosphorus and kidney’s excretion to phosphorus. When kidney function declines, it will excrete less phosphorus. Thus, phosphorus level in blood will elevate. High phosphorus combines with blood calcium, forming calcium phosphate depositing in tissues. That is why calcium level will be lower.

To correct electrolyte disorder caused by kidney failure, we recommend “Four +Seven Therapy”. This treatment is the combination of essence of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is one of the treatments. This therapy is an external application and acts on Shenshu acupoint. The medicines being micronized can come to kidney lesion directly. The active ingredients in Chinese medicines have functions of dilating blood vessels, preventing inflammatory reaction, promote blood flow and degrade harmful substances to prevent blood clots. More importantly, it has the function of stimulating the rebuild of kidney tissues and kidney to function. This therapy becomes more popular among patients with kidney failure. They can get obvious effect in short time.

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