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Why Does Kidney Failure Cause Acidosis

2015-05-21 08:39

Why Does Kidney Failure Cause AcidosisWith the development of chronic kidney disease, it is likely for you to suffer from acidosis. Why does kidney failure cause acidosis?

Causes of acidosis for kidney failure patients

Besides blood purification, kidney is responsible for regulating the pH in the blood. When about 70%-90% of kidney tissues are damaged, acidic material builds up in the blood, leading to acidosis. Besides, NH3+ combines with H+, making NH4+ so as to increase pH. When renal tubule epithelial cells are damaged, the production of NH4+ decreases and then your pH lowers. Acidosis is also associated with the loss of HCO3-.

Symptoms caused by acidosis

Slight metabolic acidosis does not cause obvious clinical manifestations. With moderate metabolic acidosis, you may have deep and rapid breath, smelly breath, weakness, headache, poor appetite, nausea, vomiting, less urine output, thirsty, etc. In severe cases, you may have coma.

Treatment for acidosis

Acidosis caused by kidney failure is usually relieved by hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis. Though dialysis can help you alleviate those symptoms caused by acidosis, it can not improve your kidney function so that as long as you start dialysis, you have to live on dialysis in the remaining years. If you want to recover your kidney function and lead a normal life, you have to find alternative treatment for kidney failure. Blood Pollution Therapy is a good choice for you. It combines many kinds of blood purification therapies. They can not only have thorough cleanse of your blood, but also remove stasis in the blood vessels to recover blood circulation in the kidneys. Besides, they provide the damaged kidneys with essential nutrients, such as vitamins, amino acids and electrolytes according to your blood conditions. When your kidneys get enough oxygen and nutrients, they can repair themselves to certain extent.

Why does kidney failure cause acidosis? I think you have acquired the answer. If you still have any other questions, please contact online doctor or leave a message below.

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