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Top 4 Causes Of Anemia In Kidney Failure

2015-05-03 07:32

Top 4 Causes Of Anemia In Kidney FailureIn addition to swelling, high blood pressure and itchy skin, kidney failure patients will also suffer from anemia. Why do kidney failure patients suffer from anemia?

Causes of renal anemia 

1. Decreased erythropoietin

Since kidney disease causes damages on kidney function, erythropoietic stimulating factor and erythropoietin both decrease, which affects the generation of bone marrow and red blood cells. This is an important reason of renal anemia.

2. Malnutrition

Since kidney disease patients need to limit protein intake for a long time and more protein is expelled with urine, plasma-albumin will decrease. Protein for hematopoietic raw material deceases, causing renal anemia.

3. Hemorrhage

Chronic kidney disease patients especially patients in late stage of chronic kidney failure often have bleeding tendency like epistaxis, bleeding gums. Renal anemia can also be caused.

4. Toxic and harmful substances accumulation

In the late stage of chronic kidney failure, lots of harmful substances accumulate in your body. This will inhibit bone marrow haematopoietic function and speed up damaging red blood cells. Red blood cells’ life expectancy will be shortened so as to cause renal anemia. Patients with renal anemia often have symptoms of yellow complexion, decreased hemoglobin and pale conjunctiva as well as other kidney disease symptoms.

Treatment for renal anemia

Anemia can be induced by several reasons but the root cause of anemia is damaged kidneys and declined renal function. Thus, in order to treat anemia, we need to repair injured kidney tissues and improve renal function. In China, therapies to repair kidney damage and enhance renal function include enema therapy, medicinal soup, medicated bath, foot bath, steaming therapy, Mai Kang Mixture and acupuncture, etc. These therapies can improve blood circulation, provide nutrients for your body, relieve renal ischemia and anoxia and discharge toxins from the body. Not only can anemia be relieved but also other symptoms like itchy skin, high blood pressure and swelling can all be eased.

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