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Why Am I Always Sleepy with End Stage Renal Failure

2015-05-03 03:53

Why Am I Always Sleepy with End Stage Renal FailureWhen your chronic kidney failure develops to end stage, your kidneys have been severely damaged so that you will have a lot of body malaise. Feeling sleepy is one of the early symptom of uremia. Why am I always sleepy with End Stage Renal Failure (ESRD)? If you have the similar medical condition, go on reading to learn more corresponding information.

It might result from anemia.

Anemia is a common complication of kidney disease. Because as long as your kidneys are damaged, they can not secrete enough erythropoietin to make red blood cells. And the accumulated waste products in the blood shorten the lifespan of red blood cells so as to worsen anemia. When you are in ESRD, anemia becomes worse. It can make you feel weak and sleepy.

It might result from insomnia.

Because of some symptoms, such as restless leg syndrome or the stimulation of waste products to the nerves, it is likely for ESRD patients to have difficulty sleeping at night, which makes you want to sleep more during the day.

It might result from malnutrition.

In ESRD, your intestines and stomach can not work normally to absorb the essential nutrients. And diet restriction adds insult to injury. Malnutrition is a contribution to your sleepiness.

Why am I always sleepy with ESRD? Feeling sleepy is just one of symptom of ESRD. After a good rest, it usually can be alleviated, so some patients take it light. In fact, this is wrong. If you want to improve this medical condition, you should repair the damaged kidneys and resume kidney function. Only in this way can you get rid of dialysis or kidney transplant. For more information, please leave your basic information below. Our doctors will contact you after analyzing your case.

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