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Is It Possible To Have High Urine Output with Kidney Failure

2015-02-23 01:37

Is It Possible To Have High Urine Output with Kidney FailureKidney is in charge of secreting urine, so it is widely believed that kidney problem will be accompanied with decrease of urine output. However, in reality, some patients complain they have to go urinate for many times after the diagnosis of kidney failure. So why is this? Is it possible to have high urine output with kidney failure?

How is urine produced by kidney?

Almost all of us know kidney is responsible to produce urine, but few of us know how urine is made by kidneys. Urine is the fluid released from our body and is normally composed of water and wasted products formed in the body. While these wastes are formed, they circulate with blood. In kidney, they flow through a kidney tissue named glomerulus from where they are released into renal tubule with some water and other substances like protein. The major job of renal tubule is to reabsorb nutrients that are trying to get out of the body through urine. Therefore, when the fluid filtered by the glomeruli pass through renal tubule, most of them are reabsorbed back to the body. Finally, only a small amount of fluid is removed out of the body through ureter and that is what we called urine.

Is it possible to have high urine output with kidney failure?

From the above, we can learn urine actually is the excess fluid and wastes produced in the body. When they flow through glomeruli, they are pushed into renal tubule where some of the fluid and nutrient substances are reabsorbed back to the body. When both glomerulus and renal tubule work well, we have normal urine output, and when glomeruli fail to function properly and meanwhile renal tubules work effectively, urine output decreases. Additional, when this condition becomes more and more severe, patients will fail to pass urine finally. However, if glomeruli works well and renal tubules are too severely damaged to reabsorb some fluid and substances back, much more fluid will be passed as urine. Consequently, high urine output occurs.

It is possible for kidney failure patients to have high urine output and compared with people who do not pass urine, they are more likely to get their illness reversed. Therefore, if you are suffering from this problem, please seize your last chance and take effective treatment as soon as possible, so as to get damaged kidneys reversed at the most extent.

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