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Neurological Manifestations That Kidney Failure Patients May Experience

2014-12-21 00:39

Neurological Manifestations That Kidney Failure Patients May ExperienceKidney failure is a medical term that is commonly used to describe the worst kidney condition. It is a kidney problem, but may involve nervous system and thus cause lots of neurological manifestations. Well, what are the neurological manifestations that kidney failure patients may experience?

How is nervous system involved in kidney failure?

To introduce the neurological manifestations that kidney failure patients might experience, let’s firstly find out how nervous system is involved in kidney failure.

Kidney is an organ with bean-shape and it is the natural filter of our body. Normally, while blood flows through kidneys, kidneys cleanse blood by removing excess fluid and wastes out of the body as urine. However, in kidney failure, kidneys can not filter blood as well as they did before, which leads to the buildup of toxins. These toxic substances are very harmful and may damage any part of our body, including nervous system.

Neurological manifestations that kidney failure patients may experience

In kidney failure, the most common neurological manifestations include insomnia, poor concentration, memory loss, indifference, hallucination, coma, babble, numbness of limbs, slow response, muscle tremor, spam and restless leg syndrome. All these problems affect patients life quality and short their life span severely.

Actually, besides neurological manifestation, kidney failure patients also experience many other discomforts like bone problems, gastrointestinal discomforts, dizziness, swelling, back pain, skin itching, frequent urination and less urine output. In kidney failure, all these tissues, including neurological manifestations, are resulted from impairment of kidney function. If we want to get them eliminated or alleviated fundamentally, we need to repair kidney damages to increase kidney function. If you want to learn about how to strengthen kidney, please ask online doctor for detailed individual suggestions.

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