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How to Lower High Blood Urea Nitrogen With Kidney Failure

2012-10-15 14:51

Blood Urea Nitrogen, also can be shorted as BUN, is the end product of protein and always measured to reflect kidney function. Excessive blood urea nitrogen is normally excreted by our kidneys, so almost all the kidney failure patients have high blood urea nitrogen level. Similar with creatinine, blood urea nitrogen level does not increase until kidney disease develops to advanced stage, so high blood urea nitrogen always indicates serious kidney condition. Generally speaking, the higher the blood urea nitrogen level is, the serious the kidney damages are and also the more likely that patients suffer from dialysis within a short time. Therefore, lowering blood urea nitrogen level means a lot for patients.

How to lower high blood urea nitrogen with kidney failure?

1. Firstly, proper protein intake

Since urea nitrogen is the end product of protein, high protein intake will elevate blood urea nitrogen. To control blood urea nitrogen effectively, limiting protein intake will be helpful. In daily life, kidney disease patients can eat some high quality protein to meet our physical demand. High quality protein is contained by fish, lean meat, milk and egg white.

2. Limit fluid intake if patients have swelling symptoms

In some cases of kidney disease, patients experience high blood urea nitrogen because of serious swelling symptom. In these cases, patients need to limit fluid intake. When they becomes extremely thirsty, they can daub their lips with wet swab.

3. Control kidney failure symptoms

With the deterioration of kidney disease, blood urea nitrogen will become higher and higher. All the kidney disease symptoms like proteinuria and high blood pressure can play the role of accelerating kidney disease, so to prevent higher blood urea nitrogen, controlling kidney disease symptoms will be necessary.

4. Medical treatment

Medical treatment is the best method to lower blood urea nitrogen. Since blood urea nitrogen level increases because of kidney disease, treating kidney disease is the fundamental method. At present, only Immunotherapy is the natural and effective remedy for kidney disease. If anyone with high blood urea nitrogen can have a try about this therapy.

High blood urea nitrogen is just one of the consequences of long-term kidney problem, so as long as we repair kidney damages and increase kidney function, blood urea nitrogen level will decrease naturally.

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