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Will Kidney Failure Cause Red Dark Blood in Stool

2014-10-19 01:29

Will Kidney Failure Cause Red Dark Blood in StoolKidney failure is a very dangerous illness which can cause many symptoms like nausea, vomiting, skin itching, tiredness and swelling. However, in some cases of kidney failure, they find they have red dark blood in their stool. Why is this? Will kidney failure cause red dark blood in stool?

Kidney failure is the worst kidney condition in which kidneys have been damaged severely. Kidney is to filter blood and purify blood, so when kidney function is impaired severely, toxins that should be removed by kidney will build up in the blood. Toxic substances are very harmful and may damage any part of our body. That is the reason why kidney failure patients always experience various discomforts. For kidney failure patients, they run high risk for red dark blood in stool due to failed kidney and this symptom appears easily in the following several conditions;

1. Intestines and stomache ulcers

For kidney failure patients, there are high levels of toxins in their body. As we mentioned above, these toxic substance may damage any part of our body, including intestines and stomache. Intestines and stomache ulcers is a complication regarding gastrointestinal tract for kidney failure patients and when this condition is caused, red dark blood will be found in stool.

2. Constipation

Constipation is another cause for red dark blood in stool in kidney failure. For kidney failure patients, due to strict diet limiation, many vegetables and fruits are taboo. For this reason, they are very likely to suffer from constipation. Severe constipation will cause bleeding in mucosa of intestines, which can cause red dark blood in stool.

Red dark blood is just a symptom of kidney failure and besides it, people with kidney failure also run high risk for many other discomforts like blood urine, less urine output, votming blood and hard breath. For kidney failure patients, when they found red dark blood is found in stool, they should go to doctor as soon as possible for solution.

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