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Why Kidney Failure Can Lead To Anemia

2014-10-17 09:16

Why Kidney Failure Can Lead To AnemiaFew people are concerned the reason when anemia occurs. Experts point that it may delay the treatment for kidney failure. Why kidney failure can lead to anemia? Anemia is not a real disease while it is a sign of many diseases’ symptoms. Anemia caused by kidney failure is one of these. Therefore, if a person has unknown anemia, the experts recommend that he should take test.

Experts point that kidney failure is triggered by deficient blood flow and insufficient perfusion. Let’s look at the detailed reasons as below:

1. Kidney failure lead to red blood cell injury.

Increased red blood cell injury in some chronic kidney failure patients is a reason for anemia. This is because high blood polyamine in uremia shortens red blood cells’ life span. Red blood cell metabolic disorders and increased brittleness will lead to autolysis of red blood cells. Microangiopathy will make red blood cells get mechanical injury. Thus, hyperplenism occurs.

2. Kidney failure affects hematopoiesis.

In kidney failure, apart from the part which produces erythropoietin is damaged, the appetency of hemoglobin to oxygen decreases, the utility of unit of hemoglobin to oxygen increases, renal ischemia is relatively not serious, and the stimulus to generate erythropoietin is reduced. All these make obvious decrease of erythropoietin generation. In addition, toxins building up in the body will block bone marrow, which leads to hematopoiesis.

How to alleviate anemia from the root causes?

The above is the introduction to anemia cause in kidney failure. If you want to alleviate anemia, you should take measurements to repair damaged kidneys and improve renal function. We use natural treatments for renal failure. Natural treatments in our hospital include Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, Mai Kang Mixture and Acupuncture, etc. Different medical conditions choose different methods. The main ingredients in these treatments are Chinese herbs. The Chinese medicine treatment aim to regulate your body on the whole and can come to the injured kidney lesions so as to repair injured kidneys and alleviate anemia from the root.

If you want to learn more natural remedies, please leave us a message to kidneycares@hotmail.com or consult our online doctor directly. Do not neglect it and delay the best treatment time.

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