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Side Effects Of High Phosphorus Level In Kidney Failure

2014-10-17 06:56

Side Effects Of High Phosphorus Level In Kidney FailureKidney failure occurs when the kidneys cannot discharge wastes and excess fluids from the blood. When wastes and fluids accumulate in the blood, mineral and electrolyte imbalances can occur. Abnormal levels of phosphorus is one of the imbalances in kidney failure. Well, what will happen with elevated phosphorus level? Is it dangerous?

How does high phosphorus level occur?

The major source of phosphorus comes from food. Intestinal tract is the only organ that transforms phosphorus level into your body, while the kidney is the organ that expel phosphorus from the body. In this condition, phosphorus level is not too high or too little. However, if a person is diagnosed with chronic kidney failure, as the normal kidney nephrons become less, excess phosphorus cannot be discharged by the kidneys, leading to high levels of phosphorus in blood.

What will happen with high phosphorus level?

High levels of phosphorus in the blood can cause the body to produce too much parathyroid hormone. High phosphorus also contributes to low blood calcium levels and bone changes. In addition, calcification or hardening of tissues can also happen when phosphorus and calcium form hard. This will deposit in the heart, arteries, joints, skin or lungs that can be painful and lead to serious health problems. Kidney failure patients often experience bone pain and itchy skin problem. These are all be caused by high levels of phosphorus.

What factors can affect high phosphorus level?

Phosphorus intake from your diet

The absorption ability of gastrointestinal tract to phosphorus

The application of vitamin D and phosphate binder

The time, frequency and effect of dialysis treatment

Residual kidney function

How to treat high phosphorus level?

Limit phosphorus intake in your diet and generally the intake of phosphorus should not surpass 1.2 gram per day

Protect residual kidney function with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This is the key point to lower high phosphorus level in kidney failure.

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