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Warning Signs of Kidney Failure

2014-09-12 04:31

Warning Signs of Kidney FailureKidney failure is life-threatening, so it is necessary for us to learn about its warning signs in advance, so that we can have a timely diagnosis and treatment to improve life expectancy. Well, what are the warning signs of kidney failure?

1. Foamy urine

Foamy urine is the most common clinical manifestation of kidney failure. In medicine, foamy urine means severe proteinuria. Protein is kept is kept in the body through glomerular filtration membrane while blood flowing through kidney. However, when this filtration membrane is damaged, protein leak into urine. Foamy urine means glomerular filtration membrane is damaged severely, which always indicate serious kidney damages. Therefore, foamy urine is a warning sign of kidney failure.

2. Less urine output

Urine is produced while blood flow through kidney. Less urine output means kidneys filter less blood within limited time. Under such a condition, toxins in the blood can not be removed timely, which may cause damages on other internal organs. Less urine output is a warning sign of kidney failure and usually, the lesser the urine output, the poorer the kidney condition.

3. High creatinine level in blood

If your lad tests show high creatinine level in blood, you need to be alart about your kidney condition. Creatinine is a waste produced in the body and normally excreted out of the body through kidney. So kidney plays an important role for a normal creatinine level. On the basis of clinical studies, creatinine level begins to increase when about a half of kidney function is impaired, so high creatinine level in blood is also a warning sign of kidney failure.

Kidney failure is life-threatening. Apart from the signs we mentioned above, kidney failure also cause many other symptoms like high blood pressure, blood urine, skin itching, nausea, fatigue, etc. If you want to learn the management of these warning signs, please leave message to kidneycares@hotmail.com directly.

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