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Clinical Manifestation of Renal Failure

2012-10-10 17:38

Renal failure means that kidney fails to remove waste and extra-fluid after it is damaged. As we know, tissues or organs are made of cells and the same goes for kidney. Once kidney is damaged, the intrinsic cells are also damaged, which leads to a series of abnormal clinical manifestation and the most common ones are as follows:

Clinical Manifestation one: high serum creatinine, blood urea nitrogen(BUN), urea acid

As their names implies, they are waste or toxins which should have been cleared away out of the body for one of kidney’s function is to removing them. Why does it happen? Renal cortex is mainly made up of renal glomeruli and renal tubules. In renal glomeruli, there is a filtration membrane, through which, small molecules can leak out. After it is damaged, such small molecules will not pass and stay in the body, doing harm to the kidney. In many countries, kidney failure patients take dialysis when serum creatinine is more than 445 umol/L. When serum creatinine is more than 300 umol/L, diabetic kidney disease or diabetic nephropathy patients begin to take dialysis.

Clinical Manifestation two: Protein in urine or red blood cells in urine

Protein in urine or red blood cells in urine is usually seen in kidney failure patients. The former one means that the urine is bubby or has foam and the latter one means that sometimes the color of urine is reddish. They are both caused by the damaged of renal glomerular filtration for they are big molecules and in normal condition, they can not pass through the pore of filtration membrane.

Clinical Manifestation three: High blood pressure and Edema.

When kidney fails, it will stop removing extra-fluid, which leads to the retention of fluid throughout the body and make heart work harder, which will in turn damage the blood vessels. If the blood vessels in kidneys are damaged, it will fail to adjust blood pressure for one important function of kidney is to adjust blood pressure. Of course, edema will come into being accordingly.

Clinical Manifestation four: Anemia

Anemia means that there are less red blood cells in the blood and patients look pale. Why? Anemia is generated by EPO and EPO is secreted in kidney. So after kidney is damaged, anemia will come into being. In addition, in renal failure stage, there will be toxins in blood, which also shorten the life span of red blood cell, thus worsening anemia.

This is the general introduction about abnormal clinical manifestation of Renal Failure. If there is anything unclear or you want to know more details, you can leave message to us and we will be glad to help you.

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