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Is Metallic Taste in Mouth A Symptom of Kidney Failure

2014-08-20 03:48

Is Metallic Taste in Mouth A Symptom of Kidney FailureSome kidney failure patients reflect that there is metallic taste in mouth. Is metallic taste in mouth a symptom of kidney failure? The answer is certain.

Why kidney failure patients have a metallic taste in mouth?

Kidney is an important organ to keep the normal function of body. If it can not work well, many symptoms will appear. One important kidney function is to filter waste and extra fluid from the blood. Because of the declined kidney function, waste such as urea will build up in your blood. Urease in the intestinal tract can decompose urea into ammonia and then there is metallic taste in mouth.

How to reduce the metallic taste in mouth for kidney failure patients?

-Lower the urea level in the blood.

Lowering the urea level may be helpful. Because urea is the waste product of protein, you should limit the intake of protein, especially plant protein. Besides, you should pay attention to the intake of carbohydrates which can provide calory for your body and reduce the protein metabolism. If you do not have edema, drinking plenty of water helps the discharge of urea.

-Repair the damaged kidneys

The declined kidney function is the root cause of metallic taste, so only when you repair the damaged kidneys can you improve this condition thoroughly. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an external therapy, which is to penetrate the medicine into your body by osmosis device. Because the medicine is fully shattered, they can come into your body through shen shu acupoints. When they reach the focus, they can eliminate the inflammatory factors and immune complexes from the blood to prevent kidney inflammation. They can also dilate blood vessels and remove blood stasis to improve blood circulation. Moreover, this therapy can stop kidney fibrosis to prevent further damage. Besides Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, there are many other therapies, such as medicated bath, foot bath, enema therapy and circle therapy to help draw out toxins from body.

With systemic treatment, your kidney function improves so that toxins can be removed from body and then metallic taste in mouth disappear. If you receive treatment early, it is possible for you to avoid dialysis.

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