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How Does Kidney Failure Affect Digestive System

2014-08-06 06:56

How Does Kidney Failure Affect Digestive SystemIn our life, some people deem that kidney failure affects digestive system greatly. This needs to be confirmed. No matter whether there is damage or not, we should protect our kidneys to improve our kidneys. Well then, we will introduce whether kidney failure has damages or not on digestive system.

1. The digestive tract dysfunction and poor appetite

In early stage of kidney failure, due to high serum creatinine, toxic substances accumulate in your body and cannot be excreted. This leads to digestive tract dysfunction and poor appetite. If kidney disease continues to develop, patients will experience abdominal discomfort, vomiting, nausea, an increase in stool frequency or volume and an increase in the looseness of stool. These are more obvious symptoms of kidney failure.

2. High blood pressure

One of symptoms of kidney failure is high blood pressure. Because kidneys have functions of excreting sodium and water, when kidney function is damaged, it will lead to sodium and fluid retention. In addition, at this time kidneys will secrete some substances to elevate blood pressure.

3. Swelling

This is a system of intuitive and easy to be found. This is because kidneys cannot remove excessive fluid, which leads to fluid retention in body tissue space. In early stage, swelling presents in ankles, eyelids. After a rest, edema can disappear. If patients have overall or persistent swelling, it indicates that patients’ condition is very severe.

Kidney failure can affect digestive system. To alleviate this condition, you should repair injured kidneys and improve your renal function which is the radical solution for digestive system and other body system damage. We usually apply systematic therapies which combine western medicines and Traditional Chinese medicines to treat kidney failure. Western medicines aim to control relative symptoms and Chinese medicines cure the disease from the root. In this way, not only symptoms but also root cause of kidney failure can be cured. And patients will feel better and comfortable.

If you want to know our systematic therapies, you can consult our online doctors or leave us a message below.

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