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Does Kidney Failure Make Your Legs Itchy

2014-05-29 08:07

Does Kidney Failure Make Your Legs ItchyWill kidney failure have itchy legs? Yes, patients with renal failure often experience itchy legs. This article will tell kidney failure patients the cause and management of itchy skin.

1. What is the cause of itchy legs?

Healthy kidneys perform to remove extra wastes. Waste build up in the body can cause severe itching, especially of the legs when kidneys are no longer able to clean toxins and wastes from the blood and perform their functions to full capacity.

2. How to treat itchy legs?


Dialysis can remove some wastes out of the body, and thus help alleviate itchy skin. However, dialysis is not a good way, because itchy skin may be a side effect. Dialysis can lead to the skin to process less oil. In this condition, itchy skin occurs due to dry skin. In view of this, dialysis is not a good way to relieve itchy legs.

Medicated Bath

In our hospital we use a natural, healthy, comfortable and effective therapy-Medicated Bath, to relieve itchy legs. Patients can treat their disease meanwhile take bath. What’s more, it causes no side effects and injuries to the body. Medicated bath is such a therapy that certain medicines or substances are put into the water to promote blood circulation and help remove some wastes out of the body. In this way, itchy skin can be relieved naturally and largely.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

As we mentioned above, the root cause of itchy skin is kidney function deficiency. The most function of Micro-Chinese Medicine Therapy is to repair injured kidneys and improve kidney function through dilating blood vessels, providing necessary nutrients and oxygen, degrading extracellular matrix and stopping renal fibrosis and so on. As long as renal function is improved, part of wastes can be filtered out of the blood and thus itchy skin in legs can be ease effectively.

Kidney failure does lead to itchy legs. Here we also provide natural and effective treatment for itchy legs. If you have interests on these natural remedies, you can consult our online experts to get detailed information.

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