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Is Stomach Fluid A Symptom Of Kidney Failure

2014-05-16 02:32

Is Stomach Fluid A Symptom Of Kidney FailureThe kidneys are two bean-shaped organs which help extract waste from blood, balance body fluid form urine and perform other important functions of the body. In kidney failure, kidney function has been damaged and its fluid balance is also affected. In this condition, too much fluid will accumulate in your body and the water retention can occur in other parts of body. Stomach fluid is a common symptom of renal failure.

Symptoms of fluid in the stomach may include increasing abdominal discomfort and distention, heaviness and pressure, rapid weight gain, swollen feet and ankles and chronic fatigue. In severe cases, kidney failure patients are likely to experience pulmonary edema, which is dangerous and causes difficulty in breath. It can be life-threatening.

Any symptom of kidney failure should be under control tightly, so does stomach fluid.

How to relieve stomach fluid in kidney failure?

1. Diet management

Restriction of water intake

Your kidneys have failed to balance body fluid. If you still drink too much water, it will worsen your water retention. Thus, you should limit your water intake. Medical conditions vary from person to person, so the amount of water consumption should depend on individualized condition.

Less sodium intake

Sodium has the function of absorbing water. Thus, if you take sodium, much fluid will accumulate in your body. To alleviate water retention in your stomach, you need to follow a low sodium diet.

2. Chinese herbs

You can drink some diuretic herbs such as dandelion root, cinnamon and nettle seed to inactive kidneys by increasing urination. This helps increase the output of the kidneys and will alleviate stomach fluid in the body by increasing the urine output at a faster rate.

In addition, you can have a try of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to relieve stomach fluid. This aims to repair injured kidneys and improve kidney function, which is the root solution of fluid in stomach.

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