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Cause And Management Of Blood In Urine While On Dialysis

2014-05-15 01:41

Cause And Management Of Blood In Urine While On DialysisIs it OK for a dialysis patient to have blood in urine? Dialysis is often used to lower high creatinine and blood urea nitrogen levels. However, long-term use of dialysis will cause many complications. Blood in urine is one of the complications of dialysis. Today, our topic is the causes and management of blood in urine on dialysis.

What causes blood in urine on dialysis?

1. Infection in dialysis

Dialysis patients using catheters have a higher risk of infection. As dialysis patients have a weakened immune system and dialysis process involves entering the bloodstream, there is an increased risk of requiring a bloodstream infection. Also several patients may be receiving dialysis treatment at the same time, the infections can be transmitted from person-to-person. In addition, the equipment, supplies and staff working at the facility also are potential sources of transmission of pathogens, which is also a factor of infection on dialysis. When infection occurs, you will have urinary tract symptoms like burning pain when urinating, blood in urine, and side or back pain, etc.

2. Decreased kidney function

Dialysis can only replace part of kidney function, but it can not repair injured kidneys. If the impaired kidney cannot get treatment properly, the kidney function will continue to decline. In this situation, red blood cells will leak from kidneys into urine. Thus, blood in urine or hematuria is formed.

What is the management of blood in urine?

Dialysis can cause infection and cannot repair damaged kidneys. All these two factors can lead to blood in urine. In view of this, to stop blood in urine, dialysis should be avoided and kidney function should be improved. We apply Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to repair kidney damage and improve kidney function. The active ingredients in the herbs have the function of stopping kidney damage and blocking inflammation and coagulation as well as improving kidney function. The herbal formula is planned according to patients’ medical conditions. Different person may have different herbs. If you want to know what herbs are suitable for you, you can describe your condition to the online doctors. They will analyze your conditions and then give a formula to you.

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