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How Does Kidney Failure Cause Hypocalcemia

2014-05-12 09:28

How Does Kidney Failure Cause HypocalcemiaHypocalcemia, or low calcium level, is a common symptom in kidney failure. When you suffer from renal failure and you develop hypocalcemia, your body is no longer able to control calcium levels. Well what is the cause of hypocalcemia?

The cause of low level of calcium

Low calcium level can result from kidney impairment such as kidney failure. If your kidneys fail to properly filter waste, too much calcium seeps into your urine. In this case, the calcium will not stay in your blood, it will be lost. As a result you become calcium deficient. What’s more, your kidneys are not able to activate vitamin D which worsens your low calcium level.

Hypocalcemia symptoms

Even though you have hypocalcemia, in the early stage you may experience no symptoms. However, with prolonged effects of low calcium level, you can feel the symptoms such as tingling in your tongue, lips, fingers and feet, muscle spasms in your throat and achy muscle. Also bone fracture, confusion or memory loss may also be experienced.

Treatment for hypocalcemia

The root cause of hypocalcemia is damaged kidneys, so the fundamental solution is to repair injured kidneys. Our hospital recommends Chinese herbal medicines to restore damaged kidney cells and improve kidney function. The herbal remedy is not a single treatment but a systemic remedy, which combines western medicines and Chinese herbal medicines. Western medicines are applied to control the relative symptoms and have a quick therapeutic effect. However, they fail to treat the radical problem of kidney disease. Chinese herbal medicines are used to heal kidney damage and improve kidney function. The herbs are first micronized and then put under the low back of patients. It is an external application and the active materials in herbs can come to the damaged kidneys directly with the help of osmosis device. Under this condition, impaired kidneys can be restored by a large margin and also kidney function can be improved. When kidney function is elevated, hypocalcemia can be relieved naturally and effectively.

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