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Kidney Failure and Body Rash

2014-05-12 08:38

Kidney Failure and Body RashFor patients with kidney failure, they can have body rash in daily life. If you are a patient body rash in kidney failure, you don’t have to feel astonished. Here we will introduce how it happens in kidney failure and how to help treat it effectively.

In the first place, please see causes of body rash in kidney failure.

1. Deposition of phosphorus

In kidney failure, kidney can not remove much phosphorus from body through urine, leading to deposition of phosphorus. High phosphorus level can result in body rash. So, patients with kidney failure can have body rash.

2. Toxins and wastes

In addition, many toxins and wastes can build up in body, affecting many parts of body. In this way, skin can be affected, too, leading to body rash.

3. Disorders of electrolyte

Due to kidney damage, kidney can not regulate electrolyte balance well, which can lead to body rash.

Body rash annoys patients a lot and cause many problems in daily life. It is important to treat body rash in kidney failure.

Then, how to treat it effectively?

Kidney function is the key to body rash, so patients with kidney failure should recover kidney function to alleviate body rash. Hot compress therapy can help achieve this aim very well. Because it can prevent kidney inflammation, repair kidney damage and promote blood circulation.

So, it is highly recommended that they should have a try of Hot compress therapy to treat body rash in kidney failure.

In addition, low phosphorus and low protein, low salt are also necessary in daily life, which can help alleviate body rash.

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