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Two Possible Causes Of Low Grade Fever For Kidney Failure Patients

2014-05-12 01:32

Two Possible Causes Of Low Grade Fever For Kidney Failure PatientsFevers often accompany infections. A low-grade fever may also occur due to immunizations, or as a symptom of inflammatory and autoimmune conditions. It can also occur as side effect of some medications.

1. Infectious causes of low-grade fever

Kidney failure patients often have poor immunity. With poor immunity, it fails to help us fight against surrounding bacteria and viruses. When immunity is disordered or low, harmful and toxic substances will attack our body and cause various health problems. One of the causes of kidney damage is when immunity is low or disordered. When patients have a low immunity, they are usually get infected. Low grade fever occur with infections.

2. Side effects of immunosuppressant drugs

Inflammations is a leading cause of kidney disease, just like diabetes and high blood pressure. If kidney failure is caused by autoimmune conditions like IgA Nephropathy or Lupus Nephritis, the bacterium will invade our body, and the antibodies will fight against them. The combination of antibodies and bad substances will produce some immune complexes. When the immune complexes deposit in the kidneys, it will lead to inflammations in kidneys. In this condition, people who get kidney disease are always recommended to take immunosuppressant agents to control the inflammations in the kidneys. However, prolonged use of immunosuppressant drugs will impair patients’ immune system and make them susceptible to infection. Also patients will have low grade fever.

The above are two possible causes of low grade fever for kidney failure patients. Overall speaking, the direct low grade fever is low immunity. To have an effective prevention of low grade fever, kidney failure patients need to improve immunity. In this light, we recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. The active ingredients can improve your immunity system and lower the risk of infection so as to prevent low grade fever.

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