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How To Remove Kidney Failure Toxins In Blood Stream

2014-05-06 09:18

How To Remove Kidney Failure Toxins In Blood StreamOne of kidney function is to dispose wastes and toxic substances out of the body. When kidneys are damaged, this ability will also be affected. As for kidney failure, too many toxins will pile up in the blood stream. The toxins in the blood will circulate with blood flow and pollute blood. Over time, polluted blood will lead to poison of blood. In this case, kidney failure is difficult to get recovered.

To purify and cleanse the blood, we use special drugs and special treatment to achieve this.

As we all know, China is well-known for Traditional Chinese Medicine and this therapy has thousands of years’ history in clinic. It has been proven to be outstanding on treating diseases, so does kidney disease.

To remove toxins in the blood stream, the most common way of western medicines is antibiotics or Blood Purification. However, it is far enough. Blood stasis is also necessary to get treated. Chinese medicine has advantages on removing blood stasis while has less effects on blood detoxification. If western medicines and Chinese medicines can combine together, both blood stasis and detoxified blood can be treated. Nowadays, there is no hospital except our specialized kidney disease hospital which can combine western medicines and Chinese medicines together. Our hospital make breakthrough on this field. We innovate a new therapy, called immunotherapy which is a combination of western medicines and Chinese medicines together.

Immunotherapy consists of six steps, namely, immune diagnosis, immune tolerance, immune adjustment, immune clearance, immune blockage and immune protection. Each step has its own functions. The eventual effects is to remove toxins and wastes out of the body, repair kidney damaged cells as well as improve kidney function. Not only toxins in the blood can be removed but also other kidney failure symptoms like vomiting, nausea and high creatinine level can all be alleviated effectively and naturally.

In our hospital, kidney failure is treated mainly by characteristic Chinese Medicine treatment. Also western medicines play a role of cooperation and support. Their combination make the therapeutic effect more better.

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