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Can Kidney Failure Cause Mental Confusion

2014-04-20 06:47

Can Kidney Failure Cause Mental ConfusionWhen kidney failure progresses very severely, mental confusion can be caused. In this case, patients’life can be affected very largely, even they can’t do activities in daily life. In light of this topic, we will explain how it happens and how to treat mental confusion in kidney failure.

Causes of mental confusion in kidney failure.

For patients with kidney failure, kidney can’t remove many wastes from body, leading to deposition of wastes and toxins in body. In this case, if toxins in body affects central nervous system seriously, mental confusion can be resulted in. In addition, headache, muscle cramps, coma can appear obviously.

Apart from deposition of toxins, some factors can contribute to mental confusion, as following:

1. Disorder of electrolyte

Electrolytes in our body are kept in balance, so, if electrolyte disorders caused by kidney failure are very serious, many systems can be affected, causing many symptoms. In this case, central system can be affected, leading to mental confusion.

2. High blood pressure

High blood pressure is very common for patients with kidney failure. High blood pressure can makes parts in body have anomia and anemia, in this case, if brain is short of oxygen and blood, mental confusion can be caused at last.

3. Acid-base disorders

Just as the same way as the above, acid-base disorders can affect other systems like nervous system, in this way, mental confusion can be caused to some degree.

Though mental confusion is not very common for patients with kidney failure, kidney failure can lead to mental confusion indeed. Thus, patients with kidney failure should take measures and pay attention to above causes in daily life, preventing occurrence of mental confusion. If you have any question or want to know more information, just contact us freely, and it is a pleasure that we can give you a hand.

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