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How To Eliminate Fluid Retention From Kidney Failure

2014-04-19 01:07

How To Eliminate Fluid Retention From Kidney FailureHow to eliminate fluid retention from kidney failure? Kidney failure is a serious matter: the kidneys’ job is to filter wastes and excess fluids from the blood circulating through our bodies. Once kidney function is damaged, various symptoms will occur. One of the common symptoms is fluid retention. Although water retention is just a symptom of kidney failure, it will aggravate kidney failure if left untreated. Therefore, it is important to eliminate fluid retention in kidney failure.

Here we will introduce some tips to eliminate fluid retention from kidney failure.

1. Low salt or sodium intake

Salt contains many sodium anions. With kidney damage, excessive sodium anions cannot be discharged out of the body. In this condition, if kidney failure patients still consume high salt foods, it will lead to water retention and worsen water retention.

2. Some Chinese Herbal Tea

Some Chinese herbal tea helps alleviate swelling in kidney failure patients. The Chinese herbal tea includes dandelion root, burdock root and parsley and cranberries. They have the ability of discharging water out of the body, which is able to eliminate swelling to some extent.

3. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Low salt diet and Chinese herbal tea can remove some water from the body, but fluid retention tends to relapse. This is because the root cause of fluid retention has not been solved. The root cause is declined kidney function. In this regard, improving kidney function can solve water retention from the root. To improve kidney function, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is offered. This remedy is able to repair kidney intrinsic cells, provide nutrients for damaged kidney , prevent kidney failure advancement as well as stop renal ischemia and hypoxia with active ingredients. After a period of time, damaged kidney tissues can be repaired and kidney function can be improved. Only when kidney function is improved can fluid retention be eliminated fundamentally.

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