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What Happens When You Cannot Urinate with Kidney Failure

2014-04-10 06:24

What Happens When You Cannot Urinate with Kidney FailureAt stage 5 CKD, especially on dialysis, patients always have very less urine or no urine, and they are bothered that they can’t urinate. In view of this problem, we will explain why it happens and how serious this condition is.

How does it happen?

Urine produces when kidney filters the blood, removing wastes and toxins from body. In this way, urine is formed.

Thus, we can know that removal of wastes and toxins is through urine. So if kidney function has something wrong, kidney can’t remove wastes and toxins, leading to little urine or no urine. In this way, patients can’t urinate.

Then see condition that patients with kidney failure can’t urinate.

In this case, it means that kidney function is almost lost completely, and kidney can’t filter the blood and eliminate wastes and toxins. Thus, on most occasions, dialysis is highly recommended to replace kidney filter the blood, removing wastes. In addition, many symptoms occur on patients, like skin itching, high blood pressure, anemia and severe swelling. What is worse, some complications appear very obviously, especially cardiovascular problems and heart disease which can be very threatening. Though dialysis can help alleviate this condition to some degree, no obvious good effects are shown on recovering kidney function.

However, Chinese medicines can help patients with no urine recover kidney function, producing urine again. This is because, Chinese medicines have good properties of restoring kidney damage and recovering kidney function by preventing inflammation, promoting blood circulation, expanding blood vessels, supplying rich nutrients, etc.

Moreover, it needs to take a long time that Chinese medicines can achieve the goal of recovery of kidney function, so patients with no urine should have some patience with Chinese medicines.

Here is our explanation for you, hoping useful and helpful. If you are confused about our introduction, just contact us or leva a message freely. We are very pleased that we can solve your problems.

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